Policy &

Policy & Objectives

We are an owner-operated mid-sized production company with close ties to Mainleus, the location of our headquarters, and a deep commitment towards our employees. Our staff is highly trained, motivated, and work with unlimited employment contracts. Our colleagues are our most valuable resource for the carbide products we manufacture.

The raw materials we use comply with the highest quality standards and are subject to continuous quality control measures, as are our own internal processes. We utilise certified quality management systems (ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment) to ensure compliance with quality standards and environmentally-relevant legislation. Since 2014 our energy management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001. Thereby we want to raise awareness for a responsible use of energy resources and we aim at long-term measurable energy savings and increased efficiency.

We offer top quality products at fair market prices, manufactured with social responsibility and fair conditions for our workers, the environment, and our suppliers. 

We promise our customers never to compete with them, as our work and the service spectrum AFC offers ends with the provision of carbide blanks. We are not a manufacturer of cutting tools and therefore do not compete with the products of our customers, as we are a non-competitive supplier.   

Autonomously produced wind energy

The highly energy-intensive sintering process in connection with the in recent times steadily increasing energy costs have led us to find our own solution in terms of energy supply.

Photovoltaics was disregarded from the start because of the high costs for power generation. The only feasible option left to us was wind energy. Following a detailed exploration of location factors, intensive research of wind maps, and assessments of the relevant wind potential, we finally acquired two wind turbines with a rated output of 800 kW each in the Heidekreis region.

In order to maximise efficiency, we combined optimised location conditions with direct-drive ring generators without a gearing mechanism. The local landscape with its agricultural lands is not impacted negatively by the two turbines, and other negative factors (e.g. shadow casting) are irrelevant due to the great distances of the turbines to the closest residential area.

Depending on capacity utilisation, we are therefore able to produce between 40% and 60% of our entire energy requirements autonomously and completely emission-free for at least the next 25 years.