Things to know
about carbides


AF K45EF is an ultra-fine grain grade with 13% Co. It features even higher hardness than AF K44EF as well as high torsional stiffness.
Application fields are HSC machining and dry machining, machining of hard materials, high (up to 60 HRC), the processing of corrosion and heat resistant steels, nickel based alloys, titanium alloys, non-ferrous metals.

Not suitable for diamond coating.

ISO-Range K40 - K50
Chemical Data  
Co (%) 13
WC incl. Doping (%) 87
Physical Data  
Density (g/cm³) 13,9
HV 30 (N/mm²) 1700
HRA 92,4
Transverse Rupture Strength  
(N/mm²) > 4000
(1000 psi) > 580
KIc* (Shetty)
(MNm-3/2)   9,5
Metallogaphic Data  
A ≤ 10 µm ≤ 02
B > 10 - 25 µm 00
C 00
Tungsten Carbide α Ø  0,5µm
Binding Phase β unif. distr.
Mixed Carbide γ -
Eta Phase η -
* Since stated values for the KIc depend on specimen geometry and preparation, a direct comparison with values determined by using a differing method is not permitted.