Things to know
about carbides


AF K40UF is a submicron grade with 10% Co. It is characterized by both high hardness, high bending strength and high toughness.
As a universal grade it is used for the machining of cast materials, corrosion and heat resistant steels, nickel based alloys, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals, plastics.

Suitable for diamond coatings.

ISO-Range K30 - K40
Chemical Data  
Co (%) 10
WC incl. Doping (%) 90
Physical Data  
Density (g/cm³) 14,5
HV 30 (N/mm²) 1610
HRA 91,9
Transverse Rupture Strength  
(N/mm²) > 4200
(1000 psi) > 609
KIc* (Shetty)
(MNm-3/2)   10,5
Metallogaphic Data  
A ≤ 10 µm ≤ 02
B > 10 - 25 µm 00
C 00
Tungsten Carbide α Ø 0,6µm
Binding Phase β unif. distr.
Mixed Carbide γ -
Eta Phase η -
* Since stated values for the KIc depend on specimen geometry and preparation, a direct comparison with values determined by using a differing method is not permitted.