New developments in
our grinding shop

Your wish was our command! The final cut

The industry’s most experienced centerless grind specialists oversee our operations. Our catalogue products comply with the ISO 286/h6 diameter tolerance, and ISO 286/h6 surface quality Ra <0.06 µm when polished. In response to the increasingly exacting requirements of next generation cutting tools (e.g. for deep-hole drilling), now we offer custom blanks with a reduced diameter tolerance and limited tolerances for deflection, cylindricity, and concentricity.

Expert competence guaranteed

We offered pre-ground rods from our own grinding shop on request since 2004. We refine our approaches on a continuous basis, ensuring they meet the changing needs of customers. We now have 19 machines operating in fully air-conditioned facilities

One-stop shop

Raw carbide manufacture including grinding from a one-stop shop means you receive blanks from us that are already ground to the correct shaft diameter. You create the cutting edges. AFC Hartmetall assures the highest precision cuts and quality.

End facing

We expanded our offering to include more end-facing services in 2006 for customers who wish to manufacture their own customized blade geometries. We can manufacture sections, chamfers, tips, and cooling duct connections on our seven fully automated machines according to your drawings. We can offer tool blanks with planed fronts and very tight length tolerances (±0.02 mm).

Last, but not least

Length cutting, just like grinding, is another of our services offered. Another area we’ve expanded in response to customer need.